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Do you need help organizing your home or office? Jessica the organizer is here to help. Spend time living your life instead of hunting around for items around the house. Creating an organized living or working space will also save you money.

I use a customized approach for each client in order to find the best home or office organization for you! Saving you money, time and energy as well as helping you create a stress-free environment is my promise as your pro organizer.

Organizing your space can be overwhelming, however, I will assist you with prioritizing, de-cluttering, and making decisions to create the best environment for you! Imagine walking into your own custom organized, stress-free home or office. I will design a plan to keep your living and working space tidy and inviting.

As a single mother of two wonderful children and an elementary teacher, I know the daily struggles with keeping not only myself organized but my children and over 40 students in the classroom.

There were days when I wasted so much time looking for things or even buying the same item that I knew I already had just because I simply couldn’t find it. I have learned that having an organized home and work place not only helped me save time hunting but also encouraged my children to be responsible when putting things away.

I had to create organized environments for both home and work in order to save time and energy. I found that having a tidy living and working environment, enabled me to feel more relaxed at home and more productive and efficient at work.




  • Decide the type of space you need organized

    •  Home, Office, Playroom, Storage, Business
  • Select a type of service for your space 

    • Side-by-side, Full, Moving-packing/unpacking
  • Contact me for a FREE estimate

    • Fill out the online form and I will promptly respond! 
Step #1: Decide on where you need organizing

Home Organization-Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen/Pantry, Foyer, Playroom, Bedroom, closet, laundry room, bathroom, Storage Areas

  • Description: Have a pro tidy up your living areas by creating organized spaces for everyday living. Create easy to access storage areas to use items as needed.

Business/Home Office- Workspace, Storage area(s)

  • Description: “Proganize” your workspace to be more productive in a relaxing atmosphere, Clear clutter to optimize workspace (suggestions for filing systems), Organize supply and/or breakrooms into tidy efficient areas 
Step #2: Select a type of service

Side-by-Side: I will work with you to sort items into categories (donate, keep) and then work with you to design a space for the items you need organized. I will also offer tips to keeping your space maintained. 

Full Service: Service completed without you needing to be present. You go through the purging process of the project and I will organize and design your new space. 

Maintenance Plan Program: I will create a periodic maintenance plan to help keep your space(s) organized. The timeline can be decided by you (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed). 

Moving/Relocation- packing, unpacking or both: Packing and/or unpacking to help with your relocation. I can organize your items for easy unpacking once you move and help you sort through items before you move to save on moving expenses with items you don’t need. 

Post-Relationship or Divorce Organization: Re-design your space to fit your organizational needs. I can help take the stress out of re-designing your space for a fresh start. 

Home Stage Report: Get a detailed list of things to improve before selling your home. I will include photos and suggestions for how to improve your property before putting it on the market.  

Home Staging for Selling Home: Indoor and outdoor improvements to get your home ready to sell. Your home staging comes with a free consultation and complete checklist report which I will then use to get your home in optimal condition! 

After reviewing the plan you can make changes or adjustments as needed. I can also answer any questions you may have about the customized plan.

Step #3: Contact me for a FREE estimate

Schedule a Time: We will schedule a day/time which works best for you. 

Getting Started: Getting started is easy with a FREE consultation and estimate. I walk through your home with you and listen to your needs and questions. I want to be sure my proposal for organization is tailored to your needs and preferences.

The Best Plan for You: There is no general organizing plan since everyone has different schedules and preferences. I create a custom plan and email you the proposal. You simply look at it and decide if my plan will fit your needs. 

Service: Each service is customized for your organizational needs. A free step-by-step assessment will ensure a solution for your organizational hurdles. Find the service which best fits your needs or have “Jessica the Organizer” design a custom solution for your living, working or storage space.




Your biggest question may be, “How much will this cost”? Each service starts with a prioritized estimate and guaranteed final cost.

The free assessment includes:

  • A description of the goal for the space.
  • A complete checklist of all organizational tasks to be performed in each space.
  • A quick/easy “proganize” interview to customize your space (no one size fits all organizing, what works best for you).
  • Free transport for items to local charity (large items and/or furniture can be sold/donated by the client and I can provide suggestions in the free assessment).
  • PDF assessment report emailed to you which includes all the items listed in the FREE report.



My primary goal when working with clients is to provide incredible results with 100% satisfaction. A few of my past client’s testimonials are included below and I’m sure you will be very happy with the professional organizing services I provide.

“I now have an organized office where I can be more productive! After over 4 years of built up clutter, I can finally have an office where I can focus on my real estate business. I had piles of papers and was having a hard time keeping myself in order with my business and my home files too. I use the office for keeping my home and work files and everything was mixed until Jessica came in and transformed my office space. The process and results with Jessica was equally easy, complete and outstanding. She organized the space for my needs as a realtor and mother and really listened to what I wanted versus just cleaning my office. Now when I walk into my office, I feel relaxed and ready to work without wasting time looking for things. I would highly recommend Jessica for any organizing job.”

-Mother of 2/Realtor 

We had a really messy playroom and we didn’t know how to clean up. My sister and I never played in our room because things were all over the place. When we had friends over we had to play in the living room. Now we have an organized playroom and we know how to keep it organized. Ms. Jessica, showed us how to clean up and made a special place with labels so we know where to put things. I think my sister and I are learning how to be more responsible and making our mom happy too!

-Messy to Organized Kiddos

“Jessica was amazing! She completely organized our entire home and office”




Get proganized today.

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